At Relief Pumps, we are poised to offer best-in-class sourcing and intelligent supply chains that derive competitive edge for our global clientele. We understand that in this intense competition, companies require enterprise-ready, on-demand sourcing solutions that deliver sustainable bottom-line savings and top-line growth.

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to your trust and support, which enables our group to develop soundly and make a good social image. With more than 20 years’ of development, Relief Pumps group has put in effort and sweat to develop itself into a leading manufacturer in India from a small workshop.

Our company is the result of a unique combination of a Strong Management Team, Professionals and a Dedicated workforce lead by a common vision to establish a company that can provide unique specialized services to various vital business sectors, with the tools of innovative strategies and in hand talent. We are providing world class self priming pumps and their spares which is technically most advanced, excellent energy efficient and durable. Organization has also a testing laboratory as per ISI requirement.

We will continue to work hard and pursue first-rate quality and service, creating an enthusiastic, open, sincere, co-operated, pioneering and win-win atmosphere. We earnestly welcome guests from different social sectors to Relief Group in seeking development and creating the brilliancy together.

Corporate companies across the globe have trusted us because of our domain expertise and the length and breadth of sourcing service portfolio. Our strategic sourcing solutions provide the opportunity to impact the cost without compromising on quality. By integrating solutions from diverse industrial sectors, we poised to become the most reliable ‘one-stop’ sourcing partner from India.

Since our founding, we have placed our clients at the heart of our business, allowing us to deliver value to a broad range of core business in the pumps markets. Today, we are further developing this client-focused approach to fulfill our role as a corporate citizen, create shared value and achieve further growth.

The journey is going on…..

Rajesh Vora
Chairman & Director
Relief Pumps and parts


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